New Lacrosse Officials Road to Certification

New Lacrosse Officials Road to Certification


Thank you for signing up to officiate lacrosse this upcoming spring season.  The training information described below is designed for the boys Level 1 (junior) game which includes U10, U12, U14 and HS.


Being a lacrosse official is a great part time job, but we expect you to take your commitment to the training program seriously.  Our training program is nationally recognized, and in the end, you will have a credential which will allow you to officiate lacrosse anywhere in the country.


This is designed to give you all of the information necessary for you to start getting prepared, including costs, preliminary training dates (and locations), and information regarding process and certification.


Should you have ANY questions, please either call me or reply to this email.  You can also visit our website – – for more information.


Level 1 Training Requirements:

Sign up on line –

Please send this link to anyone else interested in joining

Sign up with US Lacrosse and register (or renew) your membership

<>  (be sure your membership designation includes OFFICIAL) Details below.

Pay registration fee of $75 and the annual dues of $65 by either using your credit/debit card through PayPal, the link is on our website at Northern California Lacrosse Referees Association . You will be a member.

Read the rule book and mechanics manual (which you will receive end of November / early December)

Attend (2) Level 1 clinics (1 classroom + dry on field training) and (1 classroom + live on field training) – you will be assigned to a specific location

Purchase uniform

Take and pass on line test with a minimum score of 80%


Training Dates / Calendar:

The training includes both classroom and on-field exercises. You will be trained by a senior official with decades of knowledge of the game, the rules and intent of the rules.

These training session are MANDATORY in order to complete your training and to become a certified official. All levels of officials are required every season to attend classes and take the annual tests.


SESSION 1: Level 1

Date – TBD – Shooting for the 2nd week of January

This training is approximately six hours – four hours of classroom and 2 hours of on field practicum in order to learn the basic mechanics. It will be held a various sites throughout Northern California and you will be assigned to a specific location approximately 2 weeks before the training. (there will be one make up session–no date assigned yet)


SESSION 2: Level 1

Date – TBD

The second training is also approximately six hours.  Approximately 4 hours of classroom training and 2 hours of on field training.  This on field training is in FULL uniform with live teams on the field.  You will shadow and work with senior officials on the field.


By Feb 3rd – you will be expected to complete an on line certification test.  You will need to attain a grade of 80% or higher.  The test will be open book and can be taken as many times as necessary in order to meet the requirement.


COSTS: – It does takes a little $ to be a lacrosse referee.

– In order to cover our expenses of materials, locations (training sites), and supplies, there is both a training registration fee (one time only) and our annual dues.  In addition to this, the other expenses include US Lacrosse membership and a uniform.


One time initiation registration – $75.00 plus

NCLRA Annual Dues – $65.00


Payment made by using your credit/debit card is at:


This is due by November 1st so that you can be assured of getting the necessary training materials by End of November / Early December


US Lacrosse membership –

Membership in US Lacrosse is MANDATORY!

US Lacrosse membership provides you with the required insurance for officiating NCLRA assigned games and also provides you an abundance of materials about the game and officiating the game.  Cost is $35 or $50,depending on your age.  IF YOU ARE ALREADY A US LACROSSE MEMBER, YOU MUST ADD THE DESIGNATION OF MEN’S OFFICIAL TO YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

To access the US Lacrosse membership page: USL Membership Page

<>  or call US Lacrosse at 410-235-6882, ext. 102


Uniform – We must to look good and professional.

The uniform includes:

Black and White Stripe Officials shirt (with collar and breast pocket),

Black shorts (with belt loops – NO gym shorts), Black golf shorts are good.

Black belt,

Short black socks

Black sneakers

2 yellow flags, FOX 40 finger whistle, scorecard, pencil, black officials hat with white piping, and American flag patch for over the pocket.


There are a number of places to purchase a starter kit –

  • Zebrawear
  • OfficialsCorner
  • Ump-Attire and others


TIMER – a timer is used and required in U13, U15 and HS games.  Estimated cost of the timer is $50 – $55. You will learn about the timer in training.


Once all of the above is complete, you will receive your CERTIFIED LACROSSE OFFICIAL PATCH that will need to be placed on your ref shirts and you will be ready to go.


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