Time To Pay Your Dues

Welcome to the 2020 lacrosse season! Preparations are already under way and will be receiving emails during the next few months concerning training, training dates, and requirements necessary to be a certified lacrosse official. All the information you need to get started is listed below. All new and returning officials must pay their dues to US Lacrosse and the NCLRA.

It is important that you follow the procedures for registration. Should you fail to complete all the steps necessary to pay your registration fees arbiter will not list you as an active member and the assigner will not be able to give you game assignments.

Also worth noting, registration for returning officials will increase to $80 on October 1st. Please save yourself some money and register before 10/1.

Please use the following steps as it applies to you:

All new officials: Use the following link, nclra.arbitersports.com, click on the registration tab, check the new officials box and follow the steps on the screen.

Returning officials:  sign on to arbiter as you normally would and when the list appears click on the NCLRA Central Hub

1. Click on the Registration tab, check the box marked returning official.

2. All of your profile information will appear, check all the information to be sure it is correct. If the address is not correct make all the appropriate changes and check the change of address box. Click next at the bottom of the page.

3. You will now see the independent contractor agreement please read. You will need your current US lacrosse number to complete this page. After reading the agreement click I agree. Click next.

4. You will now be on the payment page, you may pay by visa, mastercard or debit card. Click on the make payment tab.

5. You will see your receipt on the screen and arbiter will send you an e-mail confirming payment.

6. When you have completed the above steps arbiter will mark you as active and ready to be assigned.

Remember, if you do not complete all of the steps you will be unable to receive game assignments.

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