USA Lacrosse Youth & Boys Rules

USA Lacrosse has published a number of resources & rules references for youth and high school. Be sure to check out the Youth Rules Interpretation, High School Rules Interpretation, Equipment Memo, as well as various other resources, like their YouTube channel.

COVID-19 Protocol – Faceoff

Summary Some leagues may choose to adopt college/NCAA faceoff protocols, to reduce proximity for safer play: Faceoff players are social distancing near center X.Official places ball on/near center X, takes approximately 2 steps away.Official indicates "Down".Faceoff players assume legal positions quickly, without assistance.Official indicates "Set", positions themselves to observe while not obstructing wing-line players, and … Continue reading

Registration For New Officials

Annual registration and dues are required for both: NCLRA, andUS Lacrosse Note: US Lacrosse distinguishes between Players and Officials for membership fees. Be sure to include "Official" as an election if you're already registered with US Lacrosse as a Fan, Coach, Player, or otherwise.

Time To Pay Your Dues

Welcome to the 2020 lacrosse season! Preparations are already under way and will be receiving emails during the next few months concerning training, training dates, and requirements necessary to be a certified lacrosse official. All the information you need to get started is listed below. All new and returning officials must pay their dues to … Continue reading