NCLRA Training Schedule

2021 Season

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

As most of you know, we are getting closer to launching into a lacrosse season.  YES!

With that, we need to get our minds and bodies ready for the challenge ahead. Are you up for the challenge of providing our very best NCLRA lacrosse officiating experience for all players, coaches, and fans? Let’s do this thing!

Instead of our usual mandatory sessions in the classroom, this year we will be offering pre-season training sessions via Zoom. You can attend the training that best fits your schedule:


Meeting ID: 868 4018 1914
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The Zoom Webinar holds up to 100 participants. If by chance we reach the 100 maximum, please log onto the next scheduled session.  The webinar link is the same for both days. Please show up on time (or early), I will be ready at 6:45pm to allow for a little happy hour.  In addition, we will be available for more discussion after 8 pm PST, if you choose to stay.

This webinar will focus on 2020/21 POE, 2020/21 Rule Changes, Updated Protocols, and steps to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming season.

In addition, we will plan on conducting another session once the season is kicked-off, so we can address the early season successes and challenges. Those training webinars are TBD.

Again, we would hope every Level 1 and Level 2 official will be attending one of the meetings. In the meantime, please get in shape and please read your rule books. NCAA games are on TV, so feel free to catch some of those to look at mechanics, positioning, communications, etc.

As always, please reach out to me with questions.  Either at 925-998-8585 or

We are all looking forward to making this transition into the season as smooth as possible.  Be safe out there and we look forward to seeing you on 3/9/21 or 3/15/21 at 7 pm.


Jim Doliber
VP of Training
Northern California Lacrosse Referee Association

925-998-8585Jim Doliber

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Please feel free to book a call with me via this link.