• A black baseball-style cap with white piping
  • A black-and-white, 1 inch vertically striped, long- or short-sleeved shirt, with Byron collar ()
  • Black shorts or full-length pants
  • A black belt, 1¼ – 2 inches wide
  • Black socks, preferably covering, or a few inches higher than, the ankle
  • Solid black shoes with black laces
  • A jacket (if worn) with black-and-white, 1 inch vertical stripe
  • Gloves (if worn) shall be solid black

All officials working the game are to be dressed the same, so consider purchasing both long- & short-sleeved shirts, and full-length pants & shorts. Any undergarments (if visible) should be black.

(Refer to NFHS Lacrosse rulebook, Rule 2, Section 5, Article 2.)


  • A whistle — Fox 40 finger grip is recommended
  • Flags — at least 2 is recommended
  • Scorecard & pen/pencil — a reusable card is recommended
  • A coin
  • Tape measure (at least 6 feet)
  • 20-second timing device — a 20/100-second device is recommended

(Refer to NFHS Lacrosse rulebook, Rule 2, Section 5, Article 3.)

COVID-19 specific items


  • Face covering: Covering both nose and mouth, it shall be black or white, disposable, or gaiter. It shall be worn:
    • When you arrive at the field, and enter the field
    • During the Officials’ coaches pre-game conference
    • When working with the table within the 6′ social distancing protocol.
    • Lead official lends itself to the 6′ social distancing protocol.
  • Assignments: If you are sick, or get sick after an assignment, report this to the assigner and you will not receive an assignment or be removed from an assignment. If you show up to a game assignment with visible symptoms of an illness, your crew chief shall send you home.
  • Cooperation: Officials entering the school grounds, you may be required to consent to screening for symptoms prior to entering the venue.

Official’s discretion:

  • Face shield.
  • Electronic whistle. Cleaning your manual whistle after each game is recommended.
  • Gloves, white or black, disposable.
  • NCLRA recommends that those eligible consider getting the vaccine.
  • Be flexible!